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Zoo Tunes // 3.19.2013



Til I Met Thee x Cody ChesnuTT

Prior to a couple of months ago, I really only knew Cody ChesnuTT from his feature on The Roots’ song “The Seed 2.0” (which itself is uptempo retooling of ChestnuTT’s song, “The Seed.”)  Thanks to Lola’s inclusion of “Don’t Wanna Go the Other Way” on the last edition of Zoo Tunes, and Afro-Punk’s consistent coverage of him, I remember how compelling I found him.  “Til I Met Thee” is sublime and Black and beautiful and seductive …. with a thrillingly cinematic video to match (directed by Terence Nance, whose film The Oversimplification of her Beauty, I have been anticipating for the last year).  Glad he’s back and glad I’m along for the ride. -j

Harlem Shake x Baauer
Lord help me. I’m growing to love Harry Rodrigues. I plan on spending a good part of my summer trying to see this guy live. -L

Trouble Town x Jake Bugg
The title “an East Midlands’ Bob Dylan” has been bandied about in reference to Bugg, who actually claims that the venerable troubadour isn’t an influence of his.  I’m wary of lofty comparisons, but Bugg definitely invokes a folksy gravitas that is hard to argue with.  I’m a fan, so far.  Here’s to hoping I can catch one of his sets at SxSW. -j

Mexico x The Staves
I first heard this song through Cordelia Gartside’s cover. She’s amazing and this song is beautiful. -L

Everything All The Time x Outfit
This 5 piece band from the UK has a quirky little background story. (Living in a huge mansion that some lawyer just let them chill at) I would describe them as 80s goodness (when is retro gonna be retro?). Check the video out. *dancing goal* -L

Young Blood x The Naked and Famous
One again, I was lured in by beautiful album art. This has a sliiiight 80s feel to it and I love it. -L

Retrograde x James Blake
*Cries hysterically*  James.  James.  James.  Overgrown is out 8 April.  -j
J claims she added this song but in fact it was I. EITHER WAY James is such a remarkable creature. I can’t. I can’t. -L

Chameleon (Applejac’s Sounds of Mecca Mix) x Dezaray Dawn
#2.  Mostly a fan of this one because of the production and mixing…and the bridge…I guess I just like the whole thing!  -j

R U Mine? x Arctic Monkeys
Recently I started wondering how many Arctic Monkeys songs are about Alexa Chung. I feel Alex Turner goes there this song (“Are you mine or just mine tonight?”) Also, I can listen to his Sheffield accent forever. -L

For Love x Goapele
Goapele is definitely having a small comeback moment.  The metaphorical interpretation of music and female love makes this a really warm piece.  It’s beautiful. -j

Goin’ To The Party x Alabama Shakes
WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT FLAWLESS QUEEN BRITTANY HOWARD? That her voice warms my heart? That she is sublime? That I never ever want her to change? Yes, all of that. I would just like to wear her attitude for a day please. -L

The Perfect Blues x Jesse Boykins III + Melo X
Have been listening to JBIII for years…but only on features.  I didn’t have an impetus to really listen until I found out that he was playing a show in DC in February.  So..this (below) happened, and it was magical.  Another SxSWer this year, definitely looking forward to another dose.  -j


The Brightest Lights x King Charles
I’m not even going to insult your intelligence. I like this song because Mumford & Sons is on it. I’m transparent like that. I just love them so much. -L

The Girl from Ipanema x Frank Sinatra
Oh, Francis, is it me of which you speak?  Oh this old thing?  Why how sweet of you *blushes.* -j

The Fear x Ben Howard
Since starting my guitar journey, I’ve been listening to a lot of Ben Howard. Yes, his voice is nice (and he’s easy on the eyes). If I’m honest, it’s his guitar playing that makes me lose my mind. -L

I Wanna Be Your Man x Willy Moon
Came across Willy Moon a couple of weeks back in preparing a DC live shows post.  Will also be at SxSW.  Getting more and more excited. -j

I Slept With All Your Mothers x Harriet
My friend Jenn actually put me on to this band. I feel like I could say these lyrics in a drunken argument. -L

My Number x Foals
Uptempo and dance-y realness from Foals, who also kill at minimal emotional pieces.  I adore them. -j

Tales That I Tell x He’s My Brother She’s My Sister
Another suggestion from Jenn. I feel like I’ve heard this in a cotton commercial. Am I crazy? -L

Cold Nites x How to Dress Well
I keep coming back to Krell’s electro-soul R&B.  This ethereal-tinted entry adds some variety to the mix. -j

Janglin x Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
I was watching the documentary Big Easy Express about the Railroad Revival Tour featuring Mumford & Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, and this band. I’m a little disappointed in myself for not having listened before this. Liking Mumford has led me to a ton of great musical discoveries! -L

Old Number Seven x The Devil Makes Three
This song is about Dean Winchester. Think about it. -L

Ain’t No Grave x Johnny Cash
Sometimes a dead country crooner HAS TO LET YOU KNOW.  Thanks, Johnny, for the perspective.  -j

Work It Out x Chrisette Michelle

Glad  circled back, because she’s dooooooope.  -j

Aiden Grimshaw x Curtain Call
For the purposes of ZT, I’ve been waiting for Aiden’s stuff to be on Spotify US.  Some folks may know him from X Factor Series 7, in which he placed 9th.  His debut single, “Is This Love” popped up somewhere, and I loved it.  Came across “Curtain Call,” also loved it.  Then came his full album, Misty Eye.  I absolutely adore it.  A soaring pop album, that also exists as a soulful electro-drum & bass hybrid, with heartbreaking ballads in between, is truly a gem.  Stream on SoundCloud. -j


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